Dafam Group

Dafam Group

One of the most visionary client with a giant corporate empire in mind, branding project for the holding company was not an easy task in hand. With a lot of requirement to cater, various challenge to keep up, this is one of the greatest achievement to complete in (IS)Creative early days.

We should consider the brand design architecture for the upcoming subsidiary companies that are going to be formed soon at that time. The client required a very thoughtful concept on how every brand of his company should be branded, so we come up with a very strong concept idea as the main symbol, and it’s going to be applied for every subsidiary company it has.

The concept is “The Touch” as in the most basic and traditional form of communication. According to the owner’s vision, his company and its business is an inheritance that should be for the good of the next generation to make the better future. That is The Touch, that conveys or pass on the next person or generation about Dafam vision and inheritance. With a wide range of business areas Dafam always give its “Touch” to each one of it and make it better.

Art Direction,Apparel Design,Branding,Stationery Design,Creative Concept

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